Build a Prototype

We help you validate your ideal concept by creating a product roadmap for your web or mobile app. From idea to creating a prototype in just 4 weeks.

Why prototypes are important to developing new ideas

If you have hit on the next great idea for an app of website, it can be hard to not let your excitement get the best of you. It is tempting to jump right in and start spending money on developing the technology, but the best way to develop your idea is to begin with a prototype. Investing time and energy into this approach will save you money, create a better user experience and cater to viable markets.

Save money during development

Building an app from the ground up can require a major investment. Starting with a prototype will allow you to begin with a clear vision and a defined concept so that you aren’t spending thousands of dollars on developing technology while you are still working out what the final product will look like. The prototyping process will allow you to gain clarity from the beginning that will save you money over the course of the project.

Gain valuable feedback from early users

Prototyping also allows you to get feedback from users and better gauge the market demand. It isn’t enough to simply assume that you understand how users will interact with your app or website. You need to gather data and adjust based on the information. Simply changing the design of the home screen or even the font can affect the user experience and increase engagement.

Understand your role in the marketplace

Finally, prototyping your app is essential to understanding whether the marketplace will respond to your product. You can use prototyping to test the market and decide if you should continue to invest in developing the app. If the prototype is successful in the marketplace, then you have solid data to present to potential investors.

At INFOPROFIX Ltd, we use Invision, Adobe XD and other cutting-edge prototyping tools to help our clients test and develop their apps and websites. To learn more about our services and get started on your prototype, contact us today.