Start Your Ecommerce Website

For businesses across the globe, ecommerce has been a transformative tool. This web technology has allowed everyone, from small businesses to industry leaders, to make their products and services conveniently accessible to customers. Ecommerce websites expand the reach of businesses and provide customers with a safe and convenient way to shop online.

Partner with the Right Ecommerce Website Development Company

Today, creating an ecommerce website has never been easier or more affordable. When you work with the right ecommerce website development company, you can enjoy a beautiful and functional ecommerce store that highlights your products and provide a secure way to shop. INFOPROFIX Ltd, is one of the best ecommerce website design company can help you build a custom-coded website to fit all your needs.

Secure Payments and Shopping Carts

  • Free SSL Certificate

    With the help of a free 256-bit SSL certificate, all credit card and transaction information will be protected according to the same advanced security standards that are used by banks.

  • Payment Gateways

    Incorporate any payment gateway to help your customers easily shop and make purchases with credit cards from all over the world.

  • Tax Calculations

    Automatically calculate, and charge taxes based on location and in compliance with GST invoice regulations.

Store Management Features

  • Create Customer Profiles

    Track customer behaviour and shopping habits for better marketing and retargeting. Search through profiles using basic contact information and quickly get a snapshot of their shopping history.

  • Allow Customer Accounts

    Provide customers to either checkout as a guest or create a customer profile that will allow them to make a purchase more quickly the next time they visit your site.

  • Create Customer Groups

    Organize customers according to their purchase history, location and other categories. Turn this information into a list that can exported to other programs.

  • One-Click Order Fulfilment

    Fulfilling orders couldn’t be easier. All it takes is one click, which means less time spent on order management.

  • Refunds

    Instantly provide refunds through the original payment method and automatically update your inventory.

  • Mobile Store Management

    Access all aspects of your ecommerce store through your smart phone so that you can manage orders, communicate with customers and make updates while you are on the go.

  • Email Templates

    Simplify email marketing and communication with stylish templates that can be customized with your branding and personalized messages.

Shipping Rates

  • Flexible Shipping Rates

    From fixed-price, weight-based, location-based and tiered pricing shipping rates, you can choose the best option for your business and manage shipping through your website.

  • Major Carrier Shipping Rates

    Work with major shipping providers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and Blue Dart to receive automatic shipping rates.

Marketing and SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Employ the latest in SEO best practices so that your website will be easy to find on the web. From H1 tags, title tags and meta tags, your website will have all the information needed for search engines to recognize your site and list it in relevant searches for maximum visibility.

  • Generated Sitemap.xml

    The website's sitemap.xml files will be automatically updated as new products are added so that the latest information is always being reflected in search results.

  • Offer Discounts

    Easily generate promo codes and other special discounts to attract customers and create repeat business.

  • Gift Cards

    Allow shoppers to purchase or redeem gift cards.

  • Social Media

    Take full advantage of social media by integrating your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other accounts.

  • Publish Product Reviews

    Build customer confidence by allowing customer to submit product reviews.


  • Inventory Management Tools

    Easily manage your inventory with automatic updates so that you always have an accurate count of your stock and you never over sell products that aren’t available.

  • Import/Export Product Files

    All your product information can easily be imported and exported using user-friendly CSV files.

  • List Product Variations

    Advertise all the variations of your products from colours, materials, sizes, etc. Each different product will be assigned its own SKU, weight and price for better inventory management.

  • Publish Multiple Images

    Highlight your products from every angle by posting multiple angles and provide customers with a clear idea of what that they are purchasing.

  • SEO Tags

    Make your product pages SEO friendly with meta tags, URL addresses and titles.

  • Offer Digital Products

    Easily list and sell downloadable digital products on your website.

  • Unlimited Product Listing

    List and sell as many products as you want. There are no limits or caps.

Hosting Features

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    With unlimited bandwidth, your ecommerce store is fully scalable and ready for growth. Your site will continue to offer optimal performance as traffic increases.

  • Reliable Performance

    Your store will always be live, online and available to customers. Don’t worry about costly and unnecessary downtime.

  • Custom Domain Name

    Choose the perfect domain name for your business for a personalized web address.

  • Technical Support

    Enjoy quick and easy access to website support when you need it most.


  • Convenient Dashboard

    Easily navigate the backend of your website and quickly view sales and website traffic information so that you can make informed business decisions.

  • Google Analytics

    Integrate Google Analytics for a detailed look at your website performance. You can track everything from visits, time spent on page, sales and referrals.

  • View Product Reports

    Understand which products are performing well and which are sitting in your inventory. Use this information to drive growth.

Trending Digital Products to Consider for Your Ecommerce Business

One of the important considerations in the launch of an e-commerce store is the accurate identification of products that are viable to be sold online. When it comes to products, it is often the tangible items such as fashion merchandise, beauty care, electricals, appliances and home furnishings that spring to our mind.

Spruce Up Your Sales With An E-commerce Website

The world revolves around the internet today and with a number of online stores opening up, shopping has become as convenient as it could ever get. Although a lot of people were not comfortable with the idea of shopping online when it was just introduced,

Brick-and-mortar Stores or Online Business: Which One Is Your Cup Of Tea?

With a rapidly growing internet user base to the tune of 3.6+ billion across the globe and the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets over the last few decades, it is not surprising that the thriving e-commerce industry has taken the retail world by storm ever since it first made its presence felt way back in the 1990s.

Buy Button can Change the Online Shopping Experience

Google has initiated a move, which could challenge the e-business goliaths such as eBay and Amazon, by adding a “buy” button close to some of its indexed search results reported by, the Wall Street Journal.